Farewell Linderature

I remember how excited I was in 2010 to revamp my class website into Linderature.com. Over the past decade+ I have maintained an active website for my parents, students, and peers. It has been so fulfilling to do this. As technology has developed and multiple platforms have begun to have emerge, I have relied less and less on my own website. For a while, it was the ONLY was that my students and I could have our own 24/7 forum for instruction. As newer technology emerged, I began to integrate these tools into my website. We use Facebook as a forum (which gets way more action than the class domain does), we turn in work on Edmodo, and share bookmarks on Delicious. By the end of the year, it became evident that Linderature, while very cool, was not as relevant or useful as a class website had been a decade ago. Our class heavily relies on Edmodo to maintain discussions, post work, and communicate with parents. Additionally, Edmodo offers a privacy that is unmatched by private domains. With the small communities and opportunities to network and share resources, combined with cloud like storage of data, it is our new home.

With a long sigh and fond memories, I say goodbye to Linderature. You will be remembered fondly.

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Article written by Dr. Rozlyn Linder

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