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Making Sense of Common Core: One Standard at a Time

Over the past four months I have spent quite a bit of time scouring the Internet for what the major publishers are putting out for Common Core. I noticed that most products have”Common Core Aligned”printed on everything now. I even notice that well know authors like, Calkins, and Pinnell are now being promoted as aligned to Common Core. I went… Read more →

Rethinking Standardizing as a “Dirty Word”

Rethinking Standardizing as a “Dirty Word”

As Common Core begins to roll out, I have been really dissecting these standards, particularly for high school. I’ll be honest, I have been looking and reading with a skeptical eye. My skepticism is really not about whether the standards are good, bad, or other. My skepticism comes from the mere notion of standardizing anything. As a critical race theorists, I instantly… Read more →

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