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Informational text standard:9 Graphic Organizer

Paired Texts Required: Making Sense of Informational Text Standard 9 (Multiple Sources)

The Multiple Sources informational text standard requires elementary school students to examine two or more texts on the same topic.  Students don’t necessarily have to find these sources, as we do with some research standards. The focus here is on analysis. Students are expected to analyze how those sources present information. This includes an analysis of the content, presentation, and word choices…. Read more →

Interactive Anchor Charts for Teaching Text Structure (standard 5)

Interactive Anchor Charts for Teaching Text Structure (standard 5)

Yesterday, I posted about the different types of text features that students will explore under standard 5. Today, I want to share a lesson that I like to do when digging a bit deeper into text structures with elementary school students. I hope it is useful! As always, I have included the anchor chart that we made with this lesson…. Read more →