On Monday, April 25, Storify was officially launched. Storify is a platform that let users grab social media content from different places and weave into a new piece, with the media highlighted within the body of the new text. In Beta for several very public months, the launch was well received.

Storify Collects Strands of News on the Social WebSAN FRANCISCO – News events as varied as the commercial jet landing in the Hudson River and the uprisings in Egypt have demonstrated that people armed with cellphones – not professional reporters – are often the first source of breaking news, uploading posts, photos and video to the Web.

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Storify is aimed at helping journalists sift through online content in real time. Storify also has implications for students. This can change the way that they do research and share what they find.

A myriad of news organizations, such as PBS and NPR tested Storify in the beta phase. organizations, such as The Washington Post, NPR and PBS used Storify while it was in its beta phase. Even international organizations have used Storify to included social media perspectives.

Storify, while new, has the potential to transform how we communicate ideas.

Storify – Create stories using social mediaStorify gives you a view of the world through the eyes of the people on the ground where news is happening. Our users bring together the best text, photos and video from social media to tell stories that help make sense of the world.

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Article written by Dr. Rozlyn Linder

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